Q: How can I make a booking at Colonial Inn Motel?
A: You can reach for rooms via www.colonialinn.ca or directly by calling on Motel’s phone number.

Q. Can I also book on www.colonialinn.ca without a credit card?
A. Yes, you can easily make non-guaranteed bookings without a credit card. Your room will however only be kept for you up to 18.00 on the day of travel.

Q. When will I need a credit card to make a booking?
A. You will need a credit card in order to make a guaranteed booking with Colonial Inn (via www.colonialinn.ca or by telephone) and during trade fair and event times.

Q. How many rooms can I book at once on
A. You can book up to 4 rooms at once via www.colonialinn.ca



Q. Is parking spaces available?
Y. Yes, parking spaces is available for a small fee at Colonial Inn Motel.

Q How is a Colonial Inn room furnished?
A. All rooms at Colonial Inn have comfortable Queen-size bed or double beds, WiFi, air conditioning, bath with shower/ WC and mobile workspace and chair.

Q. Are the rooms at Colonial Inn air conditioned?
A. Yes, all Colonial Inn rooms are air conditioned.

Q. Are there hair dryers in the room?
A. Yes, all Colonial Inn bathrooms have hair dryers.

Q. Are there telephones in the rooms?
A. No, Colonial Inn rooms have no telephones.